Ables' House is Green






Chris Freilich- Cinematographer and Gaffer and Bringer of great insight--

CHRIS FREILICH is a cinematographer, gaffer, and still photographer working in the New York-Philadelphia corridor.  His work as director of photography includes short films, documentaries, corporate videos, music videos, and a feature film.  He is widely traveled, having photographed Japan, Greece, Australia, France, Great Britain, China, Italy, and all over North America. Some of his work can be seen at his website



Steve Ramshur- First AC and Focus Puller and Acting Coach and Grip

Steve has been working and studying in the theater for over 15 years, in every discipline. He began his studies in acting at the University of Connecticut, and received his professional training and Master’s Degree at New York University. As an actor he has worked at the St. Louis Repertory Company, Arizona Theater Company, Cleveland Playhouse, and on the television soap opera “All My Children.” After apprenticing with J. Steven White, Steve moved into fight choreography, most recently staging the swordplay for Red and Yellow Productions’ Romeo and Juliet and Streamers for New York University’s Graduate Acting Program, where he has been an instructor for several years. In 1999 he returned to school again to spend a year with Paul Weidner’s Director’s Lab at NYU, where he directed a full production of Mark Medoff’s The Wager. After leaving acting and committing himself to a directing career, Steve went on to assist David Esbjornson on the Guthrie Theater’s production of Hedda Gabler and on the New York Premiere of Edward Albee’s The Play About the Baby, starring Marian Seldes and Brian Murray. Last season, he directed Henrik Ibsen’s Little Eyolf as part of the Century Center Theater’s ongoing Ibsen Series. Of this project, DRJ Bruckner of the New York Times wrote, “as this production lets one feel, it (Little Eyolf) has great power. In the last couple of decades there have been only a couple of professional revivals here, and this is the best yet.”  Most recently, he directed Eric Overmyer’s On the Verge for Pandora’s Box, and The Sword Master, a new play by J. Steven White. Along his theatrical travels, he has also worked as a costume and set designer, stage manager, and lighting technician. Between theater commitments, he has worked as a steakhouse manager in Missouri, a chauffeur to the stars in New York, and a commercial fisherman in Alaska. Steve is a recipient of the William and Eva Fox Foundation Fellowship and the Gary Kalkin Memorial Fellowship.



Jay Sheehan- Sound Designer and Sound Recorder and Foley Effects

    Born and raised on Cape Cod, I  have been located on Boston's North Shore for over three years where I  make my home base. I am an Audio Engineer/ Producer/Musician grateful to be involved in many different projects like The "Able's House is Green". Like other people, I  have held various jobs and attended various colleges before realizing what I enjoyed I did all the high school musicals and other related activities and eventually attended Berklee College of Music. This was a great experience for me and I took advantage of what I could and learned a lot. 

     Since then, I have gone on to produce, record, and play on a some great albums such as Andrea and Slater's 11:11 album and Eddie McGarry's debut album "Heat from the Spark". I have also become involved in film productions. I have just recently finished  a feature length Shakespearian project, "Measure for Measure", shot on MiniDV in which I was fortunate to have done all the audio work (save the score), from the location production to the ADR, SFX, and Foley. 

    Now, I embark on the audio post-production end of "The Able's House is Green". This was a really great shoot and at times a "fun" experience (hee, hee...mostly fun....for me anyway). Shot in a gorgeous setting way up in the "middle of nowhere" of Vermont, it is too bad it is so short! :) We were so lucky to have such a great crew (minus myself of course!) that it made for an experience to do again....So until next time!  

May the camera always function, the sound be heard, the actors always be happy, and the crew be comfortable. Thanks for the experience and see you on the next shoot!







Casey Lamont- Glidecam Wrangler and Grip and Production Assistant and eater of great  quantities of donuts.