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The Able's House is Green

by Duncan M. Rogers


Festival Appearances


The Dancing Goat Short Film Festival

in South Orange New Jersey

Oct 1-3 2004


The Vermont International Film Festival

in Burlington Vermont

October 16-20, 2003

hopefully this is just the beginning!!!





Premiered in Greensboro Vermont August 2003


 The Ables' House is Green had its premiere screening at The People Barn in Greensboro Vermont on Sunday August 24th 2003.  A HUGE thank you to Sally Lonegren for the use of her space, her hospitality, her generosity and her paint chip!

It was a great event for me and I think for those in attendance. We had the good fortune to be so well attended as to have a second screening. On the the festival circuit, God willing. I will post here if and when we get into any festivals.





Was Shot in September 2002 in Greensboro Vermont

Writing the Able's House is Green was not something I had planned to do. It became something that I had to do. The genesis for the story came in the summer of 2001 when I was in Greensboro on vacation with my family. The details are fairly unimportant, suffice it to say that the story is, in some ways, semi-autobiographical. Indeed someone did paint the Able's house green and for reasons that were not clear to me at the time, I was angry. In a way that was embarrassing. I have since come to understand the cause and part of the way through it was to write about it. I began working on the story almost as soon as I got back from that vacation. Then I shelved it as a very busy and successful theater season began. I revisited the script after the last of my shows this year and after talking to some folks and tweaking the script I committed to shooting it.